Photo by Scott Van Daalen on Unsplash

Early Writing Endeavors

Joan’s earliest memories of writing go back to the fourth grade. She kept a small, five-year diary with only a few lines to record the day’s activities. That same year, Joan penned her first two short stories, “The Mystery of the Missing Bread” and “The Snake That Had Legs.” Not best-sellers by any means; but, her teacher loved them, as did her classmates, sparking her interest in writing.


Joan went back to school in September 2011, attending Southern New Hampshire University online. She earned her B.A. in English/Creative Writing with concentrations in both Fiction and Non-Fiction in August 2014. She continued her education and earned her M.A. in English/Creative Writing in April 2017.

Professional Life

Joan's work has been published both online and in print, for her non-fiction and fiction stories. For two years she wrote for a local newspaper interviewing and writing feature stores. Along with writing women’s fiction, middle-grade stories, and picture books, Joan enjoys blogging, writing, and helping other writers by teaching creative writing classes and offering editing and proofreading services.