(Originally posted December 30, 2018) Our Christmas celebrations started on December 26 this year. By noon, the house was full of family. Along with David and I, my daughter Michelle visiting from Oregon, my son Brian from Ventura County, and my son Matt and his girlfriend Lauren filled my heart with Mom-joy. We ate, opened gifts, […]

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Remembering Dan

(Originally posted February 7, 2018) Last June, our community lost a very talented writer, musician, and all-around amazing guy, Dan Mc Guire. After his passing, our Writers of Kern (WOK) Board wanted to do something in his memory. Because he was an avid blogger (over 700+ posts), we renamed our A-Z Blog Challenge to The […]

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A Sundry of Sunflowers

(Originally posted March 19, 2017) Along with my poppies and other wildflowers, my birds’ sunflowers are blooming. As with the last burst of yellow blooms, I admit I am not the sower of the seeds. Instead, I give full credit to the multitudes of finches and other wild birds who frequent the front yard feeder. […]

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No Ordinary Rainstorm

(Originally posted November 5, 2014) My dad loved to tap dance. Even into his late 80s he would don his shiny, black shoes and tap his way across the kitchen floor in rhythmic precision. He loved to perform and was part of a senior dance troupe in Fresno, known as the New Wrinkles. Just before […]

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