Author Spotlight: Brent Gill

(Originally posted January 7, 2019) I’m chatting with Brent Gill about his newly published middle-grade novel, Fire on Black Mountain. Before we get started, congratulations on your book! This is a major accomplishment. Thank you so much, Joan. It sure feels like a major accomplishment to me. It has been a five-year process. It’s quite an experience […]

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Remembering Dan

(Originally posted February 7, 2018) Last June, our community lost a very talented writer, musician, and all-around amazing guy, Dan Mc Guire. After his passing, our Writers of Kern (WOK) Board wanted to do something in his memory. Because he was an avid blogger (over 700+ posts), we renamed our A-Z Blog Challenge to The […]

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Letting My Characters Tell the Story

(Originally posted August 31, 2017) Many years ago I had an idea for a story. The characters included three roommates with distinct personalities, a quirky boyfriend, a mentor, a missing person, and a really, really bad guy. There was a strange box with items of unknown powers. It was set in San Diego and the […]

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Part of My Heart is Headed for Portland

(Originally posted January 3, 2017) My daughter Michelle moved today. It’s not the first time she’s moved away.  She lived in San Diego for seven years. Then things happened. The economy turned. She needed a place to stay until she could get back on her feet. It was only supposed to be for a short […]

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No Ordinary Rainstorm

(Originally posted November 5, 2014) My dad loved to tap dance. Even into his late 80s he would don his shiny, black shoes and tap his way across the kitchen floor in rhythmic precision. He loved to perform and was part of a senior dance troupe in Fresno, known as the New Wrinkles. Just before […]

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