“Navigating the writing world is a challenge for every author. After completing my book, I submitted to various literary agents and publishing houses to no avail. I then asked Joan Raymond to edit my book and critique my writing.  Joan provided helpful suggestions that polished my work. Joan made this process painless with open communication and constructive feedback.  After completing the edit, I submitted the book to a contest at a writer’s conference. I won first place, a book deal with a publishing house. I endorse Joan Raymond as an editor to provide recommendations on how to improve your manuscript.” ~ Andrew Roth, author of Horses and Jesus

“Working with Joan has been a pleasure. Not only is she an excellent editor with attention to details and nuances with a firm grasp of grammar and writing, but she takes the time to truly understand the piece and to give it the attention it needs. She offered ways to rework my query letter while keeping it true to my voice. During our time together, she kept an open dialogue with me to ensure I was 100% happy with her suggestions. I recommend Joan to anyone in need of a great editor.” ~ Heather Lynn Horvat, author of Exquisite Animals

“Joan Raymond is the consummate editor. Soon she will be editing my third novel. Her work is superb, her feedback and ideas are priceless. She gets involved with the book and is understanding and supportive of the story, plot and structure. Working with Joan is a privilege. Her fine-tuned perceptions and encouragement gave me confidence during the final rewrite process.  In addition to correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation, Joan focused on the story to make sure it didn’t get lost in the verbiage. Not only do I rely on her as an expert copy editor, but she has exquisite judgement as a critical reader.” ~ Dan McGuire, author of Barstow Blues and CKS

“Creating one’s best writing requires great editing. That is what Joan does for me. She looks through the eyes of the reader with an innate sense for polishing that turns out their best experience. My writing is much better for her efforts. I heartily recommend her work to anyone serious about writing.” ~ S. Larry Stewart, author of Terah and the Priestess of Sin 

“Joan Raymond was wonderful to work with. She was prompt in responding to my first contact in editing my book and all subsequent contacts. Joan was upfront with the timeline of the editing process and finished well within that timeline.  Her editing recommendations for my book were forthright and detailed. It was nice to have a fresh set of eyes to proof my book and I was extremely satisfied with the changes Joan suggested. Her fees are very reasonable and I’m planning on using her services again in the future.” ~ Gay Chambers, author of Tadpoles on the Loose