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Guardian of the Gifts

Suffering from severe panic anxiety, Alli struggles with daily life. She even quit her job because she could no longer drive to work. When her roommate Cheryl invites her to a storage auction, Alli reluctantly agrees to go along.

Alli wins a bid and becomes the owner of a dusty, old box containing outdated, yet intriguing items. Soon after, she receives threatening phone calls from Ronald, the callous manager of the storage facility, insisting she brings back the objects. The more he pressures her, the more Alli realizes she possesses something other than a collection of family antiques.

Upon investigation, Alli learns the box contains Gifts—items giving paranormal abilities to whoever controls them. In a race for time, Alli is forced to make a choice: keep the Gifts or locate their rightful heir, knowing both decisions will place everyone she loves in grave danger.

Packed with humor, mystery, romance, suspense, a cast of quirky characters, and a heartless killer, Guardian of the Gifts is a story about friendship, family secrets, and how far one will go to avenge the past.


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